Weston Dean Tisch

Aside from being a self proclaimed branding geek, I also have a passion for a few other endeavors.


Cutletics started out as a passion project of mine to change the way athletic apparel is worn and disrupt the fitness industry. Having started the company a year ago, it has grown to be a successful brand and lifestyle business.

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With painting, I am free. Free from judgement and mental preconception. I give up results, give up planning, give up worrying, and most important, I give up fear. Only then am I able to create. My goal is to share my passion with others and to bring life to blank walls.

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Photography, by default, comes with the position. Whether it be product, lifestyle, or corporate headshots, the shutter is always ready to fire. What I’d like to showcase here are some of my curated work derived from my passion and love for architecture, landscape, and travel.

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Modeling has been a fun way to step on the other side of the lens. It started with jumping in to help clients convey a feeling for a specific scene and has now given me the opportunity to tell stories for multiple brands.

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